Join Us for the 2018 February Digital Feis

Request a number before recording your video. A number will be assigned to you within 24 hours. If you need to record in a hurry and haven’t heard back, you can record without wearing a number card.

How Does Digital Feis Work? Philosophy, Levels, Advancement: Learn How in this Quick Course!

Enter an Individual Dancer

Teachers with small groups, adult dancers (18+) and parents of dancers 17 and younger, please register with our online registration form below.

You will upload your videos, or send us your YouTube or Dropbox link, on this form. The form also tallies your fees for you, and you will pay online.

Solo dances are US$10 each, and team dances are $5 per dancer per dance.

Enter by Wednesday, February 28 (extended).

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Enter a School

Teachers, do you prefer to register all of your dancers at once? Download the Digital Feis Group Registration Form (PDF).

Use as many forms as necessary (we recommend reprinting the second page as needed). Once filled out, submit your forms and pay below.

Solo dances are US$10 each, and team dances are $5 per dancer per dance.

Enter by Wednesday, February 28 (extended).

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2018 Feiseanna

February Feis
February 28, 2018

April Feis
April 26, 2018

Feis Mór
June 29, 2018
Our Big, Special End-of-Year Feis!

September Feis
September 20, 2018

November Feis
November 8, 2018

Age Categories

Ages of competitors are as of January 1 of the current year. Age categories may be combined or split at the discretion of the adjudication team based on number of registrants.

Solo age groups start at Under 10, Under 13, Under 17, Under 21, Under 30, and 30 & Over. Age categories are combined or adjusted as needed to benefit the dancers.

Céili and Figure age groups are Under 13, Under 18, and 18 & Over. Ages are based on the average age of all dancers on the team.

Freestyle (Show/Performance) dances are split into Small Group (1–5), Medium Group (6–12), and Large Group (12+) without regards to age.

Feis Level Suggestions

If your organization recommends a different level than what you see here, follow the guidance of your organization.

Our level terminology is based on the North American system, but our structure is designed to adapt to open organizations around the world.

A color-coded illustration of how Digital Feis levels compare to most open platform organizations

If we missed your open platform organization on this list, please contact us with information about your level system at

The competition codes in the tables below help you register and keep our adjudication team organized.

Solo Dances

Tir na n’Og

Dancers under six (6) years of age only. Reel or light jig.


Beginner Traditional Set options are St Patrick’s Day and The Blackbird.

Dance Under 10 Under 13 Under 17 Under 21 Under 30 30 & Over
Reel Beg U10 RL Beg U13 RL Beg U17 RL Beg U21 RL Beg U30 RL Beg 30+ RL
Light Jig Beg U10 LJ Beg U13 LJ Beg U17 LJ Beg U21 LJ Beg U30 LJ Beg 30+ LJ
Single Jig Beg U10 SN Beg U13 SN Beg U17 SN Beg U21 SN Beg U30 SN Beg 30+ SN
Slip Jig Beg U10 SL Beg U13 SL Beg U17 SL Beg U21 SL Beg U30 SL Beg 30+ SL
Treble Jig Beg U10 TJ Beg U13 TJ Beg U17 TJ Beg U21 TJ Beg U30 TJ Beg 30+ TJ
Hornpipe Beg U10 HP Beg U13 HP Beg U17 HP Beg U21 HP Beg U30 HP Beg 30+ HP


Primary Traditional Set options are St Patrick’s Day and The Blackbird.

Dance Under 10 Under 13 Under 17 Under 21 Under 30 30 & Over
Reel Prm U10 RL Prm U13 RL Prm U17 RL Prm U21 RL Prm U30 RL Prm 30+ RL
Light Jig Prm U10 LJ Prm U13 LJ Prm U17 LJ Prm U21 LJ Prm U30 LJ Prm 30+ LJ
Single Jig Prm U10 SN Prm U13 SN Prm U17 SN Prm U21 SN Prm U30 SN Prm 30+ SN
Slip Jig Prm U10 SL Prm U13 SL Prm U17 SL Prm U21 SL Prm U30 SL Prm 30+ SL
Treble Jig Prm U10 TJ Prm U13 TJ Prm U17 TJ Prm U21 TJ Prm U30 TJ Prm 30+ TJ
Hornpipe Prm U10 HP Prm U13 HP Prm U17 HP Prm U21 HP Prm U30 HP Prm 30+ HP
Traditional Set Prm U10 TS Prm U13 TS Prm U17 TS Prm U21 TS Prm U30 TS Prm 30+ TS


Novice Traditional Set options are St Patrick’s Day, The Blackbird, Job of Journeywork, Jockey to the Fair, and Garden of Daisies.

Dance Under 10 Under 13 Under 17 Under 21 Under 30 30 & Over
Reel Nov U10 RL Nov U13 RL Nov U17 RL Nov U21 RL Nov U30 RL Nov 30+ RL
Light Jig Nov U10 LJ Nov U13 LJ Nov U17 LJ Nov U21 LJ Nov U30 LJ Nov 30+ LJ
Single Jig Nov U10 SN Nov U13 SN Nov U17 SN Nov U21 SN Nov U30 SN Nov 30+ SN
Slip Jig Nov U10 SL Nov U13 SL Nov U17 SL Nov U21 SL Nov U30 SL Nov 30+ SL
Slow Slip Jig Nov U10 SW Nov U13 SW Nov U17 SW Nov U21 SW Nov U30 SW Nov 30+ SW
Treble Jig Nov U10 TJ Nov U13 TJ Nov U17 TJ Nov U21 TJ Nov U30 TJ Nov 30+ TJ
Hornpipe Nov U10 HP Nov U13 HP Nov U17 HP Nov U21 HP Nov U30 HP Nov 30+ HP
Traditional Set Nov U10 TS Nov U13 TS Nov U17 TS Nov U21 TS Nov U30 TS Nov 30+ TS


Prizewinner Traditional Set options are Garden of Daisies, Jockey to the Fair, Job of Journeywork, White Blanket, Three Sea Captains, King of the Fairies, The Hunt, and The Humours of Bandon.

Dance Under 10 Under 13 Under 17 Under 21 Under 30 30 & Over
Reel Pwr U10 RL Pwr U13 RL Pwr U17 RL Pwr U21 RL Pwr U30 RL Pwr 30+ RL
Single Jig Pwr U10 SN Pwr U13 SN Pwr U17 SN Pwr U21 SN Pwr U30 SN Pwr 30+ SN
Slip Jig Pwr U10 SL Pwr U13 SL Pwr U17 SL Pwr U21 SL Pwr U30 SL Pwr 30+ SL
Slow Slip Jig Pwr U10 SW Pwr U13 SW Pwr U17 SW Pwr U21 SW Pwr U30 SW Pwr 30+ SW
Treble Jig Pwr U10 TJ Pwr U13 TJ Pwr U17 TJ Pwr U21 TJ Pwr U30 TJ Pwr 30+ TJ
Hornpipe Pwr U10 HP Pwr U13 HP Pwr U17 HP Pwr U21 HP Pwr U30 HP Pwr 30+ HP
Traditional Set Pwr U10 TS Pwr U13 TS Pwr U17 TS Pwr U21 TS Pwr U30 TS Pwr 30+ TS


Championship Traditional Set options are King of the Fairies, The White Blanket, The Three Sea Captains, The Hunt, and The Humours of Bandon.

Dance Under 10 Under 13 Under 17 Under 21 Under 30 30 & Over
Reel Cmp U10 RL Cmp U13 RL Cmp U17 RL Cmp U21 RL Cmp U30 RL Cmp 30+ RL
Slip Jig Cmp U10 SL Cmp U13 SL Cmp U17 SL Cmp U21 SL Cmp U30 SL Cmp 30+ SL
Slow Slip Jig Cmp U10 SW Cmp U13 SW Cmp U17 SW Cmp U21 SW Cmp U30 SW Cmp 30+ SW
Treble Jig Cmp U10 TJ Cmp U13 TJ Cmp U17 TJ Cmp U21 TJ Cmp U30 TJ Cmp 30+ TJ
Hornpipe Cmp U10 HP Cmp U13 HP Cmp U17 HP Cmp U21 HP Cmp U30 HP Cmp 30+ HP
Traditional Set Cmp U10 TS Cmp U13 TS Cmp U17 TS Cmp U21 TS Cmp U30 TS Cmp 30+ TS
Contemporary Set Cmp U10 CS Cmp U13 CS Cmp U17 CS Cmp U21 CS Cmp U30 CS Cmp 30+ CS

Treble Reel Special

Depending on registrants, we may combine levels as well as age groups for treble reel only.

Dance Under 12 Under 21 21 & Over
Primary Prm U12 TR Prm U21 TR Prm 21+ TR
Novice Nov U12 TR Nov U21 TR Nov 21+ TR
Prizewinner Pwr U12 TR Pwr U21 TR Pwr 21+ TR
Championship Cmp U12 TR Cmp U21 TR Cmp 21+ TR

Team Dances

We adjudicate from Ár Rincí Fóirne, Ár Rincí Céilí and Oide Damhsa. Traditional céilí and figure dancing from other books (such as Rinnce na h’Eireann or A Handbook of Irish Dances) may be accepted; please contact us at Prior notice will be required in order to give our adjudicators time to learn the dance.

Dance Under 13 Under 18 18 & Over
2-Hand Figure 2H Figure U13 2H Figure U18 2H Figure 18+
3-Hand Figure 3H Figure U13 3H Figure U18 3H Figure 18+
4-Hand Céilí 4H Céilí U13 4H Céilí U18 4H Céilí 18+
6-Hand Céilí 6H Céilí U13 6H Céilí U18 6H Céilí 18+
8-Hand Céilí 8H Céilí U13 8H Céilí U18 8H Céilí 18+

Freestyle (Show/Performance) Dances

Dance Small (1–5 Dancers) Medium (6–12 Dancers) Large (12+ Dancers)
Freestyle (Show/Performance) Freestyle SM Freestyle MD Freestyle LG

Recording the Videos

  • Record when it’s best for you. Record during class, at the studio during off hours, or at home.
  • Record your students only, or host a feis recording day for all dancers in your area. You can even have your students record themselves. How you operate is up to you.
  • Record horizontally. Please do not take vertical video or switch between vertical and horizontal in the middle of the dance.
  • The cameraperson or tripod should stand in for the judge. Dancers should face this position when lining up as they would at a feis.
  • Dancing alone is best, but down the line works, too. Dancers may dance by themselves in their own video, individually down the line, or in pairs down the line. Dancers in lines should use numbers so judges can identify them.
  • Adjudicators must be able to hear the music and hardshoes. While silent film would be an interesting artistic choice, it makes timing difficult to judge!

Submitting Videos

Submit your videos by uploading them directly to the registration form, or share them with Dropbox or an Unlisted video upload on YouTube. (Please note that a “private” video can not be used due to privacy restrictions on YouTube.)