Enter the Current Digital Feis (No Medals, 20% Discount)

Please give your videos the following name: 000-Level-Dance, which corresponds to the dancer’s number, the level they are competing in, and the dance.

Announcing “Number 000, Level Dance” at the beginning of each video is helpful to administration and adjudicators. Please do not state the name of the dancer, or their school.

Enter the Current Digital Feis — No Medals / 20% Discount

Welcome! This form is for dancers who do not want medals (20% discount).

Dancers without a school should write "Independent."
Dancers registered as Independent may put in their own email address.

Solo Dances

Team Dances

Not sure of all numbers? Type in names of dancers. No team dances? Type "0," "None," or similar.

Link to Video Folder

All submitted videos must now be uploaded to a folder in Dropbox, Google Drive, or other file sharing site. Please share the link to the entire folder — not to individual dances — below. Please do not upload your videos to YouTube, as they were causing issues with audio/video not syncing properly in Results Videos. Thank you!

Adjudicator Conflict

Form Submission & Payment


Digital Feis runs on an open platform, which allows all Irish dancers to participate regardless of organizational affiliation. We are not responsible for enforcing the rules of closed platform organizations. Participants take full responsibility for their participation regarding the rules of their own organization.

Dancers will be announced on competitive rankings with their number, dancing school and its location, and dancer's first name and last initial. All participating dancers may be shown in roundup and promotional videos or photographs online and in print, in short clips that do not disclose any significant length of choreography.

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