Register a School or Group by Spreadsheet

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re joining us. After you fill out this form, you will receive your official registration documents by email within 48 hours or by the day prior to the Feis, whichever is shortest.

A dancer’s number is permanent and will be used for all Digital Feis competitions. No need to request more than once! We keep it simple.

If dancers transfer to another school or stop dancing, please email with that information.

We recommend printing your number cards on heavier cardstock. You can also write your numbers on a large index card, if that’s easier for you — just make sure it’s as big and clear as the official card. You can pin it to costumes, or punch holes in the corners and use yarn or a ribbon to tie it around your dancers’ waists.

Request Numbers for a School or Group by Spreadsheet
Address for Medals (Optional for those who do not want physical awards.)

Send Us Your Spreadsheet

Go to our view-only Digital Feis Number Request spreadsheet on Google Sheets, go to File, Make a Copy for yourself and then share the link here. Also click its Share button and send it to to make sure we get access to it.
Follow the link

Registration Agreement

I agree that the following statements are true:

I have talked to my teacher and they have granted me permission to participate in Digital Feis.

I am either an adult joining under my own responsibility, or a guardian of a minor who will monitor and take responsibility for all aspects of my dancer's participation. I take responsibility for the safety of my dancer(s) during filming and will not hold Digital Feis responsible for any injuries that happen while recording.

GDPR and the right to be forgotten: I also understand that I can request my identifying information be deleted from the Digital Feis records via email at any time, for whatever reason. I understand that this means I will not have proof of my participation or achievements after deletion with the exception of my appearance(s) in results videos.

The adjudicator's decision is final.

Digital Feis is not responsible or liable for dancers entering events not approved by their governing body.

I'm Allowed to Participate in Digital Feis *