Michigan April Fool’s Open Digital Feis

Welcome to the Michigan April Fool’s Open Feis — online! Digital Feis is so excited to help support your dancers.

Submitting Your Videos

Name your files 000 Level Dance, which corresponds to the dancer’s number, level, and the dance.

For Premierships, name your files 000 Level PREM Dance, so that we can clearly see which dances are specifically for your Premiership.

Announcing “Dancer [Number], [Level and Dance]” at the beginning of each video is helpful when organizing entries. Please do not state the name of the dancer, or their school.

Recording the Videos

  • Record when it’s best for you. Record during class, at the studio if your teacher is helping you, or at home.
  • Record horizontally. Please do not take vertical video or switch between vertical and horizontal in the middle of the dance.
  • The cameraperson or tripod should stand in for the judge. Dancers should face this position when lining up as they would at a feis.
  • Dancing alone is best.
  • Adjudicators must be able to hear the music and hardshoes. While silent film would be an interesting artistic choice, it makes timing difficult to judge!