How Digital Feis Works

Online competitions, real results

Dress to feis, record your dancing, and submit your video. Adjudicators organize videos into competitions by level, age category and dance. Each dance is scored using our special, transparent scoring system and receives feedback on strengths and potential improvements. Dancers can advance levels by the usual competitive ranking or by their individual scores.

We even send you beautiful medals in the mail if you earn Top 5!

Digital Feis gives Irish dancers feedback tailored for them, including corrections and support, built into a feis system where they can earn their way to Champion. Since 2016, dancers have joined our competitions from Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States.

Dancers can record themselves in a place they are comfortable — stress-free and no travel costs. You have at least one month to submit your dances and can plan your recording to suit your schedule.

Dancers know who adjudicated each dance and can declare potential conflicts of interest ahead of the feis.

Scoresheet example for a dance, showing the feis, dancer’s number, name and school, the dance, total score and score breakdown, competitive rank, judge’s name, judge’s comments, advancement notes, and an explanation of what the scores mean. Dancers and teachers receive these PDFs by email at the end of every feis.
  • Dancers who receive a score of 80 or above can move up in the Digital Feis system, regardless of number of competitors
  • Dancers can also earn their advancements by competitive rank based on Digital Feis rules or the rules of their own organization

Where do I start?

Open to everyone

Wear a nice outfit, a performance costume, or the full competitive look — your choice. Dancers are split by age, but not gender, and older teens and adults are especially encouraged to join us. All ages have the chance to become a Champion.

  • Videos should be recorded horizontally
  • Dancers head and feet should be in frame at all times
  • Music should be loud enough to hear on video, over hardshoes
  • Dancers should not be too far from the camera

Digital Feis runs on an open platform, which means that we don’t bar anyone from joining our competitions. Your organization, however, may have rules against joining outside competitions. Please talk to your dancing teacher before participating in Digital Feis. We hope you can join us!