Results for the 2018 November Digital Feis

Thank you to the 10 dancers from 3 schools that participated. This tiny-but-mighty feis’s dancers were from the United States.

Dancers marked with an asterisk (*) received a score of 80 or above, and may advance in that dance regardless of competitive ranking.

Level Dance Age 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Out Of Adj.
Beginner Reel Under 13 111 269 727 766 4 BTN
Beginner Reel Under 17 218* 914* 2 AM
Beginner Treble Jig Under 10 302 1 AM
Primary Hornpipe Under 13 873 1 AM
Primary Traditional Set Under 13 322 512 873 3 SS/CG
Novice Reel Under 13 873 1 SS
Novice Light Jig Under 13 873 1 BH
Novice Slip Jig Under 13 873 1 BH
Novice Treble Jig Under 13 873 1 CG

Remember: Prizewinner dancers must earn an Assessment Score of 16 in two soft shoe dances of contrasting rhythms, two hardshoe dances, and one traditional set in order to advance to Champion. A Champion dancer only dances in that level.

If you see transcription errors here compared to the official results spreadsheet (shared only with participants), please email us immediately so we can fix the problem. The official spreadsheet takes precedence over this page and social media. Thank you for your assistance.

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