Questions & Answers

How will this help my Irish dancer?

You’re in safe hands. Digital Feis is run by certified and accredited adjudicators, two of whom helped build one of the most successful open platform systems in North America. Digital Feis is taken from that successful system.

Irish dancers receive individual scores and clear, encouraging feedback. Assessment scores allow dancers to move up levels in our system, from Beginner to Champion. Dancers can also compete against other dancers from around the world in their age and level categories, and earn medals.

Digital Feis is an excellent way to dip your toes into competition, or add more competitions to your year. We’re especially hoping that typically small categories at local feiseanna — such as adults — will find variety and success with Digital Feis.

Digital Feis gives dancers a chance to compete without the stress and unknowns of travel, which is invaluable to dancers who deal with anxiety, sensory issues, or other struggles. Sleep in your own home, eat the good foods you’re used to eating, and dance when you’re warmed up and mentally ready — in a place you’re already comfortable.

We also maintain a gender-neutral atmosphere. Our costuming and style expectations are fluid, and we love and support our nonbinary, genderfluid and transgender dancers. Everyone is welcome here!

I’m not sure this is right for me. Can we try it out?

Of course! There is no extended committment required of any participant — but with our positive feedback and beautiful awards and certificates, we think you’ll want to keep going.

Can I submit my own videos, or does my teacher have to submit us as a school?

We love to see individuals competing, as well as schools. Dancers should have their teacher’s approval, but teachers do not have to be involved with the filming in order for dancers to participate.

Technology makes me nervous. I’m bad at computers!

Ashley is a full-time technology trainer for kids, teens, adults and seniors at a public library when she’s not Irish dancing. Patience and encouragement is her specialty. She’ll get you through your technology hiccups.

Is this affiliated with an organization?

Not currently, which has its pros (such as quick adaptability to all organizations’ needs) and cons. After the North American Irish Dance Federation split, no Irish dancing organization that we talked to was eager to continue with hosting digital feiseanna. In order to keep the opportunity available, we started it again ourselves in 2016—but we’d like to see the platform partner with established organizations or grow itself further.

I’m in a closed platform Irish dance organization. Can I participate?

As an open platform feis system, we are open to everyone regardless of organization affiliation. Dancers should consult with their teachers before entering, as closed platform organizations may have rules preventing their dancers from competing in open platform feiseanna. We are not responsible or liable for dancers entering events not approved by their governing body.

My organization or business is interested in partnering with you — are you interested?

Let’s chat! We’re open to hearing about sponsoring special competitions, making Digital Feis a qualifier for one of your events, or other interesting ideas. Email Ashley at