2020 November Feis has been cancelled due to necessary restructuring and improvements. We're continuing to work on shipping awards and the 2021 calendar.

Dancing with Digital Feis: Advice for CRN Dancers

We’ve had some great questions lately, and I’d like to clarify a few best practices for the CRN dancers joining us this year.

Level Comparisons

Digital Feis levels generally match CRN levels:

  • Beginner & Bún Grád
  • Primary & Ullmhúchán Grád
  • Novice & Meán Grád
  • Prizewinner & Árd Grád
  • Champion & Craobh Grád

If Meán Grád dancers are at a point where they are dancing Árd Grád steps while they transition through the levels, it’s up to the teacher whether to compete in Novice or Prizewinner for Digital Feis.

Dancing in One Level for Digital Feis

CRN has certain required choreography for their lower levels. In North America if not elsewhere, CRN dancers can compete their reel, for example, in both Bún and Ullmhúchán. This is because the choreography is different in each grade.

Because Digital Feis does not have required choreography and multi-level competition is not universal, we request that all dancers focus on the level that a dancer is working to advance.

Length of Dances

CRN dancers often go beyond the required bars for Digital Feis dances. CRN dancers can submit their entire dances, but here’s how we keep it fair: dancers will only be scored on their required bars. Any dancing after that will not be scored, but can receive adjudication comments. This keeps everyone on an even playing field, but gives CRN dancers feedback on their entire dance.

How this benefits CRN dancers: CRN dancers will not be docked points for stamina issues near the end of their dance, when they are often doing nearly double the amount of steps that are required.

How this benefits everyone: All dancers will be adjudicated on the same number of bars, adjudicating all dancers equally.

Number Cards

Dancers will request a number card once. They will always use the same number, for every feis. Registering for a number card is free.

Entering a Feis

Dancers will only pay when they enter a feis. You will see a button on the Current Feis page when the entry form is open. Payment is currently through Paypal.

Sending Results to CRN

Update on August 21, 2019: Be sure to send Digital Feis results to CRN within 5 days of receiving them.

Familiarity with CRN

Ashley Middleton and Charmaine Forbes both have training in CRN’s style and have access to Oide Damhsa, the CRN céilí book. Sharon Stidham grew up dancing in a very similar style. The team is supportive of all dancers and continues to learn about each organization’s style as Irish dancing continues to evolve.

Contact us for additional clarifications

Do you have more questions? Please contact us at hello@digitalfeis.co with anything else we can help you with.

Digital Feis tutorials, results videos, and feis reminders

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Our primary goal in 2019 is to share more — reminders (without driving you nuts), results videos, rulebook updates, and more. (You can also see dated updates at the top of The Rulebook, so be sure to check)

While you’re at it, don’t forget to join us for the 2019 January Digital Feis! We’re crossing our fingers (and our feet) for some team entries. And we always love our solo dancers. Digital Feis Fun Fact: Our biggest registered age group is 11–16 year olds, and our largest level is Novice (Beginner is a close second).

Digital Feis Pinterest Board

Light Jig now available for Prizewinner dancers; traditional set options expanded

In order to assist dancers in four-level organizations reach Championship, we are adding light jig to our Prizewinner options.

Also, we have expanded the level options for the traditional set dances to better suit open platform dancers. As follows:

  • Beginner: St Patrick’s Day, The Blackbird
  • Primary: St Patrick’s Day, The Blackbird, Job of Journeywork, Jockey to the Fair
  • Novice: St Patrick’s Day, The Blackbird, Job of Journeywork, Jockey to the Fair, Garden of Daisies, King of the Fairies, White Blanket, Three Sea Captains
  • Prizewinner: Job of Journeywork, Jockey to the Fair, Garden of Daisies, King of the Fairies, White Blanket, Three Sea Captains, The Hunt (WIDA), The Humours of Bandon (CRN)
  • Champion: Garden of Daisies, King of the Fairies, White Blanket, Three Sea Captains, The Hunt (WIDA), The Humours of Bandon (CRN)

Six competitions announced for Digital Feis in 2019

Six competitions have been announced for Digital Feis in 2019. Below, you’ll find a detailed schedule with shortened turnaround times for results and medals to assist you in planning your dancing year.

2019 Entries Due Entries Public Adjudication Tabulation Results Announced Awards Mailed
January Jan. 20 Jan. 22 Jan. 23–26 Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 29
March Mar. 24 Mar. 26 Mar. 27–30 Mar. 31 Apr. 1 Apr. 2
May May 19 May 21 May 22–25 May 26 May 27 May 28
July July 21 July 23 July 24–27 July 28 July 29 July 30
September Sep. 22 Sep. 24 Sep. 25–28 Sep. 29 Sep. 30 Oct. 1
November Nov. 17 Nov. 19 Nov. 20–23 Nov. 24 Nov. 25 Nov

You can also view our newly-updated Worldwide Open Feis List, which lists open platform Irish dancing competitions hosted around the world.

Keeping track of Digital Feis Irish dancing levels, plus gorgeous new results sheets

Juggling open platform levels driving you crazy? Let us keep track of your Digital Feis levels. Our gorgeous new official records are updated after every Digital Feis you participate in — and shared with you via easy-to-print PDF.

We’ve also given our scoresheets a serious upgrade! No more hard-to-read spreadsheets: look at these gorgeous things! So pretty.

They even include enough of a margin to hole-punch and put in a binder. If you don’t think that’s exciting, well — it’s at least super convenient.

February Feis deadline extended

By unanimous vote, the deadline for February Feis entries is extended to Wednesday, February 28.

Dancer with thumbs up, smiling

If you were planning on getting your entries in by February 22, please do so — we love early entries. But if you need more time, breathe easy.

Two (now three!) new feiseanna and one amazing Instagram

A tale of two (or three) feiseanna

Two Three new independent American feiseanna have been announced! The first two are on July 15, 2017.

The first, put on by My Pulse, My Passion School of Dance, will be hosted at the Vail Leavitt Music Hall in Riverhead, New York (Eastern Suffolk, Long Island). Riverhead has plenty of hotels nearby, as well as an aquarium, racetrack, water park, outlet mall, and plenty of activities. This is definitely a fun destination for a full weekend! Continue…