Results for the 2017 Holiday Feis

Thank you to the 59 dancers that participated, including dancers from 9 schools from the United States, Canada, and England.

Dancers marked with an asterisk (*) received a score of 80 or above, and may advance in that dance regardless of competitive ranking. Digital Feis moved to assigned numbers after this feis due to overlap in numbers. Letters added to the front of numbers here for clarity in reading results.

Level Dance Age 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total Dancers
Tir na n’Og Reel or Light Jig Under 6 R223* 1
Beginner Reel Under 8 L110*, K02* V115* L107 V107 V112 9
Beginner Reel Under 13 L102* K03* V103* S04 G107/113 8
Beginner Reel 30 & Over 105B*  
Beginner Light Jig Under 9 L110*, K03* V103* L111* L107* G110* 14
Beginner Light Jig 30 & Over 105B* K05* 2
Beginner Light Jig Under 13 L105 G107/113 G101 G104 G111 5
Beginner Slip Jig Under 10 224 1
Beginner Slip Jig 30 & Over 227*, K05* 105B* 3
Beginner Single Jig Under 13 L114* K04 R127 3
Beginner Single Jig 30 & Over 105B* K05* 2
Beginner Treble Jig Under 10 L118 L111 2
Beginner Hornpipe Under 13 K06* L108* L118 L105 R221 5
Beginner Hornpipe 30 & Over K07 1
Primary Reel Under 10 L111* V203B* G201 K04 4
Primary Reel Under 13 V203A* V204* R127* L117* R128 6
Primary Reel 30 & Over K05* K07* 2
Primary Light Jig Under 10 L116 V203B K04 K01 4
Primary Light Jig Under 13 V203A* V202* V204* R128 4
Primary Single Jig Under 10 L116* 1
Primary Slip Jig Under 10 V203B* R225 R221 3
Primary Slip Jig Under 13 V202* V203A* L117 R225 4
Primary Treble Jig Under 13 L117 R128 2
Primary Hornpipe Under 13 R128 1
Primary Traditional Set Under 13 R128 1
Novice Reel Under 11 L101, I001 K06 L109 L118 L116 6
Novice Reel Under 15 L114 R228 I003 R321 L104 7
Novice Reel 21 & Over C124 S04 2
Novice Light Jig Under 15 I001* K06* I003* I005 4
Novice Light Jig 21 & Over C124* S04* K07* 3
Novice Slip Jig Under 15 R228, I005 I001, I003 R321 K06 6
Novice Slip Jig 21 & Over S04 1
Novice Single Jig 21 & Over S04 1
Novice Treble Jig Under 13 R321 R228 2
Novice Hornpipe Under 14 I004 R228 2
Novice Traditional Set Under 15 I004 I001 I005 R321 4
Novice Treble Reel Under 13 I001 I003 2
Novice Treble Reel Under 15 I005 I004 2
Prizewinner Reel Under 14 R324 1
Prizewinner Slip Jig Under 14 R324* 1
Prizewinner Treble Jig Under 14 R324 1
Champion Reel Under 17 L119 1
Champion Slip Jig Under 17 L119 1
Champion Treble Jig Under 17 L119 1
Champion Hornpipe Under 17 L119 1
Champion Contemporary Set Under 17 L119 1
Teams Two-Hand Figure Under 10 T118 T116 2
Teams Two-Hand Figure Under 13 T003 T104 2
Teams T004 Under 17 T004 T119 2

Remember: Prizewinner dancers must earn an Assessment Score of 16 in two soft shoe dances of contrasting rhythms, two hardshoe dances, and one traditional set in order to advance to Champion. A Champion dancer only dances in that level.

If you see transcription errors here compared to the official results spreadsheet (shared only with participants), please email us immediately so we can fix the problem. The official spreadsheet takes precedence over this page and social media. Thank you for your assistance.

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