2019 March Feis Individual Dancer Registration

If you are sharing your video files via Dropbox or another file sharing site, please give them the following name: 000-Level-Dance, which corresponds to the dancer’s number, the level they are competing in, and the dance.

If you are sharing your videos via YouTube or Vimeo, please title them 000 Level Dance. Putting all of your videos together into one playlist, and sharing that one link, is an excellent help.

Announcing “Number 000, Level Dance” at the beginning of each video is incredibly helpful to administration and adjudicators. Please do not state the name of the dancer, or their school.

2019 March Feis Individual Entry Form
If you don't have a number, please request one by clicking "Get Your Number" in the menu at the top of the page.

Update Your Information

Address (Full address required if dancers want to receive medals in the mail.)

Solo Dances

CHAMPION dancers will only dance at the Champion level. Dancers competing in the BEGINNER, PRIMARY, NOVICE, and PRIZEWINNER levels may not choose dances at the Champion level.

Team Dances

These dances are $5 each, per dancer. You only pay for the individual you are entering here.

Share Links

Share links to your YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox (or other cloud service) videos in the text box.

Upload Videos

Upload your video files to this form. Please note there are file size restrictions to upload directly to this form; higher-quality videos may be best shared via a cloud service.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 103.81MB

Adjudicator Conflict


Form Submission & Payment

Updated November 29, 2018: Dancers will be announced with their number, school name, and country. All participating dancers will be shown in results videos, and may be shown in promotional videos or photographs online and in print, in short clips (8 seconds or less) that do not disclose any significant length of choreography.

By submitting this registration, dancers confirm that they have their teacher's permission to participate in Digital Feis.

Digital Feis runs on an open platform, which allows all Irish dancers to participate regardless of organizational affiliation. We are not responsible for enforcing the rules of closed platform organizations. Participants take full responsibility for their participation regarding the rules of their own organization.