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Welcome! We’re so glad you’re joining us. After you fill out this form, you will receive your official registration document by email within 48 hours.

A dancer’s number is permanent and will be used for all Digital Feis competitions. No need to request more than once! We keep it simple.

We recommend printing your number card on heavier cardstock. You can also write your number on a card, if that’s easier for you — just make sure it’s as big and clear as the official card. You can pin it to your costume, or punch holes in the corners and use yarn or a ribbon to tie it around your waist.

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If we already have an address for your dancing school, and you are not a distance student, your medals will be sent to your dancing school. This helps us keep feis costs down. Thank you for your understanding!

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If your organization recommends a different level than what you see here, follow the guidance of your organization.
Our level terminology is based on the North American system, but our structure is designed to adapt to open organizations around the world.

A color-coded illustration of how Digital Feis levels compare to most open platform organizations

If we missed your open platform organization on this list, please contact us with information about your level system at

If you're in the grade levels, please enter your current estimated levels for each dance. All levels can be updated when you enter your next feis.

Not sure? Make your best guess, and we'll help you figure it out when you join your first feis.

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