Happy female Irish dancer in red and green costume

Dance in the Holiday Feis

Enter by Friday, December 8

  • 1 Video your dances
  • 2 Send in your entries
  • 3 Get feedback & medals
  • Thorough & constructive feedback
  • Individual advancement
  • Competitive or feedback only, your choice
  • Open platform

“Thank you again for the thorough and constructive feedback for the dancers… the students benefit tremendously from seeing the comments, and are amazed that what they are told by us at class is indeed a reality.” A Happy Teacher

“My dancers can’t stop mentioning how positive your scoring system is!
‘Even with a 1, she doesn’t say YOU STINK!’” Another Happy Teacher

Practice and prepare

Digital Feis runs every quarter. That’s every three months, perfect for improving on feedback from the last feis.

Video your dances

Camera or phone, studio or home. Teachers can video for a feis during a regular class, make it an extra opportunity, or have dancers take video at home.

Send in your entries

Enter one — or everyone! Enter your entire group or each dancer individually, and pay with Paypal in US Dollars. We make it easy.

Hard work will take you far. We’re giving you a new opportunity to get there.

Learn from feedback

We’ve been where you are, and became judges to help you achieve your goals. All of our judges write a short paragraph highlighting your strengths and challenges for each dance, giving you a clear path forward.

Get awards

We may be a Digital Feis, but we’ll ship you real awards. Medals are sent in the mail for placements first through fifth, plus sashes for the overall winner in each Champion age group.

And remember, every dancer gets feedback for every dance.

Advance by your score

Advance levels when you’re ready, not by placement. Ready for the next challenge? You won’t be held back. Need a little more time? You won’t be pushed too quickly.

Stop competing against other Irish dancers. Start challenging yourself.

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