Building a community

Connect to other Irish dance schools with online workshops, classroom resources, exams, and feiseanna. Participate as much or as little as you’d like.

Everyone’s invited

Traditional or modern, serious or silly—we’re all welcome here. All styles are respected, and dancers are encouraged to learn all they can. We’re adult-friendly!

Feis & championships

Have you ever wanted to compete with dancers across the globe? What if you could—without leaving home? Participate in grade levels and championships for all ages.

Grade exams (coming January 2017)

Engaging assessments focus on practical dancing, creative thinking, experimenting, and information literacy. Feedback is clear, positive and encouraging.

Prancing pen pals

Looking to motivate your dancers by swapping steps, or meet new people from around the world? We can help connect you to other schools looking for pen pals, too.

“My dancers can’t stop mentioning how positive your scoring system is!”