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“These placements are exactly spot on. I feel Digital Feis is a real competition because the judges don’t advance dancers until they prove they are ready to move to the next level.” Carla Savoie, Lee Irish Dance

How Does Digital Feis Work? Philosophy, Levels, Advancement: Learn How in this Quick Course!

2018 Feiseanna

February Feis
February 28, 2018

April Feis
April 26, 2018

Feis Mór
June 29, 2018

September Feis
September 30, 2018

November Feis
November 8, 2018

“Thank you again for the thorough and constructive feedback for the dancers… the students benefit tremendously from seeing the comments, and are amazed that what they are told by us at class is indeed a reality.” A Happy Teacher

“My dancers can’t stop mentioning how positive your scoring system is!” Another Happy Teacher

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